What am I seeing here?

The image above shows the sky as seen by Planck. You can move around the sky by clicking and dragging the mouse, zoom in using the + and buttons, and change the frequency shown by dragging the slider in the top left. You can add labels and constellations in the Options panel on the left, and overlay various other maps in the Overlay panel.

Under Options, you can also switch to a view which shows the various components of the sky as measures by Planck. Both views are available in fullscreen mode using the links below the map.

How can I get it?

The display is based on the Chromoscope framework, and has been specially adapted for Planck. The source code is freely available online and can either be downloaded for offline use or embeded in other sites (as it is in this page). The images are freely accessible online, though if you would like to run it on a machine without a web connection, then you can download the images from here.